Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa,

Every year, the boys write letters to Santa.

This one is from Jaden (8)...

(Dear Santa, This Christmas I would like an iPod touch, an iPod nano, an iPad, a cure to diabetes, 5 alaska air tikets for Glendale, Arizona 5 tikets to the BCS title game, all the creepy storys by David Lubar, a bag of silly bandz, a hex bug beetle, and 2 hex bug nanos, and a BCS title game football. Sencerly, Jaden)

This one is from Bryce (5-T1)...

(Dear Santa I wodd like a Bag of Silly Bands and a cure to Diabetes and a Hex Bug Beetle . Bryce)

Did you catch the request for a CURE TO DIABETES? Yes, we ALL want that one!!! My oldest (nonD) son put that on his list first, with NO prompts from anyone else.
Oh if it was only that easy to just BELIEVE. Think if we all write a letter to Santa asking for a cure, he will help? Maybe if we all close our eyes and believe as hard as we can?
Maybe the big man will be able to deliver the idea or the tools to a special scientist who can bring that cure to reality. I BELIEVE it is out there, I BELIEVE someday it won't just be mice getting cured but our special kiddos. I HOPE that someday is soon. I HOPE for a Christmas without diabetes.

Wishing you happiness and good numbers :-)


  1. My heart melts (a happy melt). How sweet for his brother to make that request.

  2. AWWW...the boys are soooo sweet!!!

  3. Beautiful. I too wish it was that easy! Merry xmas!

  4. that is so sweet! What good brothers they are...:o)

  5. My eyes leaked when I read those letters.
    I think it is time for me to write my letter!

  6. Thanks for your sweet note on my blog! Looking forward to getting to know you! : )

  7. Oh wow...that is just too sweet!!! I wish for a cure too! I have two daughters who both have t1d and it is such a burden on them, they were both diagnosed when they were very young...2 years old and 18 months old. I would love for them to someday know what life without d is like.

    I love your blog and look forward to getting to know more about you and your family :)