Wednesday, March 9, 2011

new insurance...

At the start of this month, our new insurance kicked in. Today, I went to pick up our test strips and insulin. I was a little nervous that we would have problems with the new insurance covering the amount of strips we currently get, like I had in the past. I was ready for a fight, ready to make calls, write letters, etc., to insure we get the 450 strips a month that we NEED. Boy was I surprised with I returned to the pharmacy counter to find it all went through. Wow! Awesome.

What wasn't so awesome is that the copays for this new insurance are much more (UGH!)...

But, at least we have insurance and even more, we have access to these life saving necessities. There are many people, many children who aren't so lucky. Children in third world countries that don't have access to insulin, syringes, meters, etc. Without insulin, a person with diabetes will die within one week. One of the amazing Dmom bloggers has partnered up with some equally amazing businesses to help support Life for a Child, an organization that tries to meet these immediate needs for less fortunate children with type 1 diabetes. Definitely a worthwhile cause, and something I hope you look into. This week, the Sugar Bolus is straight from The Candy Hearts Collection and benefitting Life for a Child. Head over to The Princess and the Pump to enter for your chance to win.


  1. It's always nice when those expected battles turn out to not be battles at all... Sorry about the higher co-pays, but glad the rest worked out. Thanks also for spreading the word about the great stuff the rest of the DOC is doing for Life for a Child. Great efforts, indeed!

  2. I think so many of us take our health insurance for granted, and those of us not dealing with an illness that affects our every-day living definitely do. Glad your new insurance seems to "get it" about taking care of customers who need them.

  3. Sounds like any insurance that covers 450 strips a month is definitely great! I thought we were pushing it at 300. (I end up buying an extra 100 out of pocket).

  4. thats great, glad to hear it wasnt a battle. we use at least 300 and thats not taking into account extras and errors!

  5. Boo to higher co-pays! But, I'm glad you were able to get what you need without any hassles.

    You're right. We, who have the necessities to manage diabetes, are so very lucky! LFAC is a great cause to support.