Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Fridays 3/11

Roselady at Diapeepees has been doing Good Fridays and I decided to go ahead and play along...

Here are the rules:
Name your top three highlights of the week (no diabetes talk allowed). Still confused, read about Good Fridays here.

1. Last night was the 2nd grade music program at school. 100 or so 7 and 8 year olds singing is pretty cute. Super proud of my oldest son for being the announcer for the night...he did great!

2. Last weekend we took home a dog to foster for a few days. She was so good with the boys. She loved to sit on their laps and snuggle in bed with them. Boy she was so cute! However, she didn't like my husband or any other strangers, and she would growl at them. After peeing on my couch and trying to attack my hubs, we sent her back early. I am sure we will find our perfect dog, she was pretty close.

3. Nespresso coffee...mmmmm! So creamy and strong.


  1. I know that there are people in both camps...but I have always had male dogs and found them much less fiesty and moody. Of course, I've also always had neutered male dogs...that might also be part of it. :) They seems like more to handle, but I've also found that my larger dogs were much mellower and easier to take care of than smaller dogs. They don't seem to need as much attention or exercise and are not so "yippy." But you're right...your perfect dog is out there. :) Happy friday!!!!!!!

  2. What the heck is "Nespresso"? It sounds like something I should know about being a 1-2pot/day kind of girl!!!

    Great 3!!!!

  3. Yes, I'd love to know what Nepresso is too!
    And, I don't know that i'd write about a dog peeing on my couch as my #2, but to each his own! Love the part about your son being a little announcer -- very cute.