Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Fridays 3/25

Along with Roselady at Diapeepees I have been participating in Good Fridays....come play along with us. Name 3 things good things that happened this week, no D allowed. :-)

This week was Spring Break for us. I had all these glorious plans for spending time with my wonderful boys and cherishing our time away from school. But the best laid plans don't always come to reality.... I got sick :-( Well first the boys got sick, Jaden (8) had it last week, Bryce (6, T1) only got a little cough, and Drew (almost 3) ran a fever and still has a cough. Plus, the weather this week just sucked!!
So this week was a bit tougher to find my 3 good things since I spent a majority of the week on the couch, going through kleenex like crazy (and not being able to send the boys out to just run around) but here it goes....

1) LEGOS....while I am perpetually annoyed by how they end up EVERYWHERE and really hurt when you step on one, they kept my older two occupied for hours upon hours while I was being pathetic. Those boys are so creative...they even started making their own instruction sheets on how to build their creations. Love those guys!

2) Spent the weekend at my in-laws. We got to hold some baby chicks and see some wild goats roaming the forested hill on the other side of their fence.
My husband and I were able to get away for a little bit and visit friends of ours that just had a new baby girl. What a precious little thing! I can't believe they have a 16year old (she was our flower girl), 12yo, 10yo, and now a newborn!! Great family, so nice to spend time with them.

3) A friend of mine organized a fun Spring Break Camp where a couple moms took turns hosting all the kids and planning activities for them during the day. The boys made it to the first day but unfortunately we missed out on the rest of the week. Hoping that we will do it again over the summer, the kids seemed to really enjoy it. My older two boys also got to attend an afternoon camp at the Nature Park called "Wet & Slimy" They had a lot of fun learning about and hunting for frogs, tadpoles, lizards, newts, and snakes...they said they didn't find any (guess it was too cold) but they still had a blast getting to go into the "off-limits" areas of the park.


  1. Amazing how when weeks seem so bad (with sickness especially) you can still find good stuff in there anyhow!

  2. Legos are huge in our house too!

    Feel better soon!

  3. WOOT on Legos here too. Joe and Bridge still play with them.