Friday, March 18, 2011

Good Fridays 3/18

Roselady at Diapeepees has been doing Good Fridays and I decided to go ahead and play along...

Here are the rules:
Name your top three highlights of the week (no diabetes talk allowed). Still confused, read about Good Fridays here.

1. My oldest son competed in his first swim meet. He swam the 25m breaststroke. He did great! We were so proud of him!

2. I made it to the gym a few times this week (until my kiddos got snotty noses and coughs) Found out that if I go right after I send Bryce on the school bus at noon, Drew gets the play area mostly to himself or with one or two other 2 year! Plus, the gym itself isn't too busy.

3. At the end of every term of swim lessons, the kids get their report card as well as a coupon for a mini pizza and a coupon for a free Dairy Queen kid's cone. I have tons of these coupons laying around because ice cream at 10am or right before lunch doesn't seem ok to me. Plus I am one of those that ice cream just doesn't seem right when it is cold and raining sideways. Anyways... Yesterday was Bryce's last swim lesson of winter term and of course he got his coupons. He asked me so nicely if we could get his DQ cone, he even got an extra coupon for his brother. My instinct was to say no because we had to go home and eat lunch so he could catch the school bus. But he had done such a great job this term swimming. He really showed LOTS of improvement. So I said sure... We headed to Dairy Queen and I picked up three cones. One for my great swimmer, one for his little bro who watches each lesson, and one for his older brother who was home sick on our couch. The boys loved their lunch of ice cream....a well deserved treat for all my sweeties.

So what great things have happened to YOU this week?


  1. That's great that he got a coupon for his brother. Don't you feel so good when they do something nice for each other! You really feel like you're raising a good kid.

  2. my eldest recently went right ahead with his swimming including swimming 25m freestyle without stopping. we are super proud too so i know what a big acheivement that is! good for him. i have to play along with good fridays next week since so many non d related things DO happen.