Friday, March 4, 2011

Good Friday

So Roselady at Diapeepees has been doing Good Fridays and I decided to go ahead and play along...

Here are the rules:
Name your top three highlights of the week (no diabetes talk allowed). Still confused, read about Good Fridays here.

1. I renewed my membership at the gym. The sales manager I worked with and said would credit my time away was no longer there. I was worried this would be a problem but turns out it made getting credited even easier...think they wanted to fix anything this guy may have done without problems. Woohoo, workouts, here I come!

2. Bryce's swim instructor this term is the BEST instructor at the pool. Finally seeing improvements! It is amazing how the instructor's style really makes such a difference.

3. We finally sold the baby dresser/hutch! Now our nursery is officially an office and we have a couple hundred dollars to go spend (yeah right, more like to pay bills with!)

So what good things happened to you this week??


  1. I've never seen this "Good Friday" routine before, I like it.


  2. Yay for Fridays! And good swim instructors :)

  3. Glad you played! Don't you hate how everytime you get some fun money, it goes for something serious!

  4. I've lost my office/sewing/craft room to little boys and their bedrooms and can't wait to reclaim a little space. Congrats to you! (Though for me it's going to be some time ahead since hubby is BEGGING we start trying for #3...) :)

  5. Yay for working out! I hope you get your workout on again soon!