Tuesday, May 10, 2011



Today is the second day of Diabetes Blog Week hosted by Karen at Bitter-Sweet. Today's topic is "Letter Writing"
Whomever you choose as a recipient, today is the day to tell them what you are feeling.

I thought about writing my letter to Bryce....telling him how much I love him and how proud of him I am. I would tell him all the things I love, like his creativity, his determination, his strength, his sense of humor, his big hugs, etc. I would let him know that diabetes should never keep him from doing the things he wants to do, that he can be anything he wants and can accomplish great things. That I will do everything in my power for him to lead a happy, healthy, normal life. That I gladly give up sleep, appearing brain-dead to the non-D world, if it means he will be safe. That I love him...NO MATTER WHAT. and on and on....

I also thought about writing my letter to Jaden and Drew, my 2 non-D boys....telling them how much I love them and how proud of them I am. How it may seem like they get put second when it comes to taking care of Bryce's diabetes. I would let them know they are always important to me and never a second thought. I love each of my boys for being themselves, each and every part of them (even the parts that make me yell) I would let them know how much it means to me that they are there to watch after Bryce, to be his big or little brother, to be his friend, to get him a juice box. and on and on....

I also thought about writing my letter to John....thanking him for being an amazing husband and my best friend. I would tell him how lucky I am that we are in this together and how much I appreciate that we are
partners in this journey. I would give him credit for taking care of over 50% of Bryce's diabetes management, especially since he ALWAYS takes care of the night checks. We make a good team, even if it is an exhausted one!

Instead, I decided to write my letter to diabetes. So here you go....

Dear Diabetes,


without love,


  1. One of my favorite posts of the day! Love it! :)

  2. Way to "stick it to him" Denise. Don't know why I gender labeled "D" a "he", but he seems like a "he" doesn't he? Man, that is a lot of "he's" in one comment.

  3. simply said and totally agree, diabetes you suck!!

  4. LOVE IT!!! Your kicking d blog week a$$!!!

  5. AHAHA!! Love this Denise!! Nicely put!

  6. Short, not-so-sweet, and to the point.

    LOVE IT!

    Can I add an AMEN to the whole thing?

  7. Nice Summary! Quick and to the point.

  8. Short, to the point, and oh so true!!! Love your letter choice and the letter itself!!