Friday, May 20, 2011

Good Friday 5/20

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun!!

Yes, the sun has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest!!!

This means we have been spending time OUTSIDE!

My husband (& youngest son) mowed the lawn.
I planted our veggie garden.
Pulled some weeds.
Planted some flowers.
Trimmed some trees.
The boys played in the treehouse.
Swang on the swings (is 'swang' even a word??)
Pulled out the sand toys and sidewalk chalk.
Ran through the sprinklers.

Drew "mowing" right along side his Daddy.

sidewalk chalk makes me happy :-)

This is what happens to a little black dog when he goes near a three year old with blue chalk...

He ends up with a blue face!!

My other two good things (as if the above wasn't enough!)
-I made it to the gym a few times this week and Drew happily played in the kids' club.
-I volunteered in my oldest son's 2nd grade class for the art lit project. Georgia O'Keefe was the artist they studied and they did watercolor flowers for their project. Today, I go in to help them with glazing their clay projects they made a couple weeks ago. LOVE art with kids!!

What about you? What are your 3 GOOD non-D things from this week??


  1. 1. Finally some sunshine here to in upstate NY. We had 7 days of overcast and rain.
    2. A celebration for a good friend.
    3. Yoga class!!!

  2. Just did my first Good Friday post! :)

    Love the pic of the blue-faced doggie! So cute!!

  3. YES - so excited about the gorgeous sunshine. I think the weather people even improved the weekend because originally it was going to rain...hopefully it stays sunny! Also, your dog is adorable!

  4. Hehehehehehehe . .. you have a blue dog! I love sidewalk chalk, too. I just bought some of the 'intense' colors made by Crayola and it really makes a difference in the saturation and vibrancy of the artwork! Not so much fun on the clothes, though ;)

    Good to hear about your good fridays!!!

  5. LOL!! Lovin the blue doggie!

  6. LOVE THE BLUE POOCH :) And sidewalk chalk!

    1) Preschool graduation.

    2) Wearing a light jacket in AZ on a day in May. (We're usually very close to, or topping 100 now.)


  7. Drew is soooo cute "mowing". too on sidewalk chalk. I love it and could play with it for hours.

  8. Wow, blue dog. That's one of the best things I've seen lately! And, summer's arrival is such an exciting thing.
    I think you've talked about art with kids before. And, I mentioned I love it too. We've never studied Georgia O'Keefe. Now you've given me an idea for our next artist study. Thanks!