Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good Fri..(err Saturday?)

Life is busy busy much going on this week that I completely missed Friday and I even had my 3 good things non-D related ready to post about. But the kids had no school and my hubby was feeling awful (tooth infection) so Friday went by and I am just now able to get these down. So without further ado...

Three good things that happened this week:

1) It started with a GREAT WEEKEND....
On Saturday, we went to the University of Oregon Spring game.

Bryce lost his first tooth on the football field at Autzen Stadium...

Sunday was just that....we.had.SUN!!

The boys had a blast riding the zip line at my in-laws....

**this is from last week, Jaden and Bryce are running alongside their cousin who is zipping from the treehouse...

Hubby trying out the zip line...

Drew walking with a chicken on his shoulder...

We got another day of sun on Wednesday (sad that I can tell you exactly what 3 days we had sun this year...yep, THREE!! And it is MAY!! Ugh!!! Rain, rain, go away.....oh wait, this is a GOOD THINGS post so YAY for SUN!)

Love hearing about what model students my boys are... so smart, always on task, very respectful to others, such good helpers, etc. etc. (now why aren't THOSE kids coming home off the bus???)
We are such proud parents...took our boys to Dairy Queen to celebrate. :-)

Meet 'Snack', he is a chihuahua puppy (just under a year old). I found him on Craigslist, a lady needed to find him a new home because he wasn't getting enough attention from her since she worked all day. She had found him outside her office back in January and got him healthy, took care of all his shots, etc. Besides not being able to give him enough attention, her older (big) dog was starting some bad behaviors with him around, like barking all day, etc. Anyhow, he is a sweetie! He loves to crawl under blankets and cuddle up and he is VERY playful. He does have 'little dog syndrome' and barks at people he doesn't know but that doesn't last long. I think with some training, he is going to be an awesome dog. (and he if VERY CUTE!)

So there you go! What were your good things this week??


  1. Snack is adorable!!! So glad that he worked out!!! And your hubby on the zip-line got me to chuckle. Looks like a blast.

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  2. Snack... What a cute name. Happy mothers day!

  3. Happy Mother's Day Denise! What an adorable dog...and I LOVE the name!!

  4. ALWAYS better late than never . . . awesome post with the cutie patootie pictures. Happy Mother's Day, Denise! Enjoy the new member of the family!! (so cute!)