Friday, October 22, 2010

to have no fear

Earlier this week, a child lost her life due to type 1 diabetes. Dead in Bed Syndrome is the cause that explains nothing. It is the fear that all of us parents of children with diabetes face each day and night. It haunts our dreams, keeps us from sleeping soundly, forces us to wake throughout the night to check in on our child so that this fear does not become our reality.

The fear is much like that a newborn parent has for SIDS. The difference is that with SIDS, the baby grows up and the risk disappears with it, thereby alleviating the fear. With Dead in Bed, the risk never goes away, the fear never alleviates and it won't until there is a CURE.

Why do we fight so hard? Why is a cure so important? Because this fear is a reality for too many living with type 1 diabetes.

keep fighting, keep fundraising, keep advocating, keep testing, keep blogging, keep loving, keep hoping, keep living