Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2010 JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

'Bryce's Team: Wipeout Diabetes' had 70 walkers join us on Sunday, Oct. 3rd to support us as we walked to cure diabetes. Final numbers not in but think we raised about $6500. The day started with a pancake breakfast provided by IHOP (talk about filling you up with some fast carbs!) There were lots of fun activity booths and entertainment (not that I saw any of it as I was checking in all our walkers at our tent) After the walk, there was a bbq lunch (hot dogs, chips, and cookies...bring on more empty carbs!!!) then everyone got bracelets to ride all the rides at Oaks Park. We didn't get to stay long because our oldest son had to get to flag football so not many rides for us. Despite the drizzly weather, the event was a huge success with a big turn out (think it was twice as many walkers as last year!) Our team had such a great time. Seeing all the support for all of us dealing with Type 1 is such a heart filling experience.

While this was Bryce's Team, we had 3 other kiddos with type 1 on our team, Gabriella, Kate, & Jules. We also honored a few of our friends and other kiddos with type 1 because we want to find a cure for ALL living with type 1.

Bryce got the craziest balloon hat....he loved it!!

Bryce and his friend Gabriella (also T1)

Bryce and his kindergarten teacher

Getting ready to walk

Big Bro, Jaden, having fun

testing blood sugars before the walk

running with his friends and classmates

Bryce walking hand in hand with his two friends and classmates

Making silly faces in the fun house mirrors

We walk (or run) to find a cure

Bryce and Grace walking

Walking with Noni

All that running, playing, and walking makes a Type 1 LOW!


Evidence of a LOW

Low blood sugar means Daddy carried him the rest of the walk (good thing we were near the end!)
Jaden talked to Chris Dudley (former Trailblazer basketball player, currently running for governor)

Talking Duck football with Chris Dudley

retest...blood sugars all good!

Bryce and Kate, another T1 from our team

Riding the train with his Mimi, lil bro, and cousin


  1. Wow - 70 walkers and $6500! Awesome! Congrats! Thanks for all your hard work! Looks as you had a great Walk, despite Bryce's low and needing to be carried.

  2. WOOT...fist bump and a high five. I love the part about "walk (or run) for a cure" b/c Joe ALWAYS ran until this year and I was always CHASING him - It was mildly frustrating to say the least.

    Looks like and awesome day and a fabulous turn out. Kudos and THANK YOU for doing it for Bryce and all PWDs.

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog Denise! Looks like you had a awesome walk! Congrats!! My T1 had to be carried the last half of our walk too. :)

  4. oh looks like we walked together!!! :)