Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not JUST a Flu Shot

We didn't tell our boys that they were getting their flu shots tonight. When we pulled up to the doctor's office, my 7 year old figured it out. When he said "flu shot", Bryce screamed and darted back into the minivan. I went ahead with the other two boys as my hubby tried to pry our 5 year old out. Though there were cries from my 2 year old, his shot was over and done pretty quick. Even my 7 year old was brave and just took his shot. When they were done, I could hear when Bryce came into the office cuz he was screaming "no, no, no!"
You would think a boy who gets his fingers pricked 10 times a day, that every other day gets a huge needle putting an infusion set under his skin for his insulin pump, and every week has a big needle stuck in him to monitor his blood sugars, would not have a problem with a flu shot!....OH NO!!
Eventually,(thanks to my hubby's muscles) the nurse was able to give Bryce his shot too.

What reward did they want after? Krispy Kreme of course!
Can you say "hello, 415!!"


  1. My daughter Bridget HATES shots. She cries and gets herself really worked up over it. They don't bother Joe. Even before "d", Joe never had an issue with shots, needles, etc.

    Sorry about the 415. I hope that bad boy got spanked with a good ol' correction and is now back in range.

  2. My D kiddo, Lovebug is great with all of her diabetes stuff and is scared stiff of shots at the doctors! We just got her flu shot last week and we didn't tell her that's what we were doing either. My husband and I let the girls split a frozen coke when it was all said and done. :)

  3. My boys HATE them too! Can you blame them? They are wicked long, and they hurt like heck! Glad they got a reward. We always have a treat with our flu shots too. We are supposed to go Thursday to get ours...YIKES! That is tomorrow!