Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am fried!!

Need to decompress after my crazy fun filled weekend...

Fri: watched my schizophrenic neighbor get taken away by the sheriff (She has masking taped up her house and her car...yes, you read it right, MASKING TAPE!! I will blog about her story's a doozy! Hoping she gets the help she needs.)
Drove to Eugene.

Sat: took all the boys to the Duck game, cheered like crazy, drove home arriving at midnight, made sign for JDRF Walk, went to bed after 2am to be woken at 2:55am to a low blood sugar alarm (60), wake son and give juice, retest (81) wake again and give milk, blood sugars in range by 4am, my alarm goes off at 6:30am

Sun: JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes...supposed to arrive by 8am for team captain training, get there at 8:20a. 70 walkers on our team, over 6000 at the event. Near end of Walk route, Bryce says he feels low...(32)!! Downs some juice and a glucose tab. Needs to be carried rest of the way. BG goes up just before the high carb lunch. Only time for one ride then have to rush off to Jaden's flag football practice/game. 4:30p home to make dinner...another low (42)! Inhale grapes, caramel, milk, and dinner. See Dex skyrocket over 350....about an hour later, see it plummet to 71! WTF??

Can I just say, I AM TIRED!!!

Will post about the Walk tomorrow. Good night! (I hope)


  1. Whew, I'm tired just reading your post! Hope you're able to catch some serious ZZZZs tonight!

  2. Oh....I need a nap after reading that!

  3. OK...the neighbor story sounds VERY interesting...taped to the car? Sad (and kind of funny...and I only say that b/c if we don't laugh at life we would cry).

    Bryce's numbers on Walk Day sound rough. I hope you and he were able to enjoy it in spite of those. I cannot wait to read about it and see pix.


  4. Hello exhaustion my old friend! I hope you found some time to get some rest!