Sunday, September 19, 2010

D can't hide

In a week of 'invisible illness' posts....D couldn't hide with us!

Bryce doesn't let D go unseen and shows off his cgm and pump at the football game.
"Hey look, he has a fanny pack" "no, that is his insulin pump" "oh"

We call this "frat boy in training" It was probably about 60 degrees and pouring rain! Our boy is truly crazy! (we did make him put his shirt back on)

At this point in the game, we finally had his bg in range. When we got there, he was a whopping 40. Of course that turned into a 340 after juice and a go-gurt (bolused). This pic, taken after half time, he was back down to 196 and feeling good.....really good!! Can you tell?


  1. Look how happy he is! He is so funny! Loud and proud! Good for him. :)

  2. I love the "frat boy in training!" I saw the pictures before I read what you posted, and thought, "Wow, that boy is INTO football!" Good for him! And good for you for tackling those numbers!