Monday, January 12, 2009

so much for so little

Those little containers of Tillamook yogurt have 39g of carbs in them!!!  To put that into perspective, Bryce gets 30g each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and only 15g for snacks.  So one tiny 6oz yogurt is more that he can have for one meal!  Well my boys all love yogurt and Bryce really wanted one of the Tillamook ones so he opted to get an extra shot of insulin to cover the high carbs.  Hope it was worth it...

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  1. Denise, I don't know if he'll go for a smaller serving size, but I buy lil' Yami and YoBaby yogurts which come in 4oz. cups. I just checked and the YoBaby is 13 carbs and the lil' Yami is 22, though I heard they are changing their recipe to exclude hfcs, so their #'s may change... :)