Thursday, January 8, 2009


Over winter break, Bryce's blood sugar levels were all over the board which I chalked up to the fact that our schedule was all off plus we were doing a lot of guestimates on the carb count for the various holiday yummies.  Now that we are back into our everyday routine and eating schedule, Bryce's levels have been consistently high.  We have adjusted his insulin a couple times now, but it doesn't seem to be having an effect.  Anytime we up his insulin, I worry about him going low. Not the case lately, in fact, he has been so high that he has required an additional shot at lunch time. And even that hasn't dropped him low.  The thing that sucks is that anything could be causing this from a growth spurt, to fighting off a cold, to the honeymoon period coming to an end (after a person is diagnosed, they go through a 'honeymoon' where their body starts to make some of its own insulin.  this can last a few weeks to a couple years)  Does this get easier?  I don't believe so, we just learn to roll with it and make the adjustments needed.  

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