Friday, December 12, 2008

the rule of threes

If you have three kids, at least one of them will need you in the middle of the night.
Usually this is the baby for obvious reasons.  He really isn't liking the idea of sleeping alone in his crib, much better to be in mommy's arms!  On those rare occasions that he does "sleep", one of the other boys will take his place in needing us.  Bryce often will call out for us or come running down the hallway.  This of course sends John and I into a panic because what if he is low?  We will bust out the meter and check his sugar levels, stumbling through the dark in a sleepy fog. He usually just crawls into bed with us, cuddles up, and fall asleep. I don't really mind this too much :-)  Jaden doesn't usually get up but if the other two are sleeping perfectly, he will do his job to abide by the rule of threes and get up.  He may just call out in the middle of a bad dream.  Last night however, he ended up throwing up.  I had to clean him up and his bed, etc.  Luckily it was from too much mucus in his throat from this cold and not a stomach bug!  Of course, the other two kids were sleeping peacefully.  Someday, maybe all three can sleep simultaneously so that I can get some sleep too!!!  I can only hope it will be soon.

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