Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm late! I'm late!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am always late.  It used to be no more than 5 mins.  With each kid, that number has grown to like 5-10 mins.  Throw in diabetes management and keeping a 7 month old out of the plants and other things he shouldn't be getting into, and it can be up to 20 mins...if I even make it at all!!  I try really hard to make sure I can get out the door when I need to.  Especially since I am having to shuttle the boys so many places...Bryce to preschool in the morning (or swim lessons on non-preschool days) then home for a quick lunch then to drop Jaden off for afternoon kindergarten.  
Lunch has become more insane with Bryce's diabetes.  It is so important that he eats all his carbs (30g)  That means I need to have the amounts calculated and that he eats them before we leave.  Usually I have about 45 mins to accomplish this and I can usually do it, though it is tight.  The other day however, we got home and I needed to change Drew's diaper first.  He ended up peeing all over my leg and foot.  After cleaning him and the floor up, I had to change my clothes of course.  I finally got lunch together and it was already about time to leave.  Of course the boys are not fast eaters so the time ticked on (and they actually ate reasonably fast this time)!  So I quickly got the kids to get their shoes on and that is when Drew decided it was time to blow out his diaper.  Oh his timing is always great!  Needless to say, we were about half and hour late to kindergarten that day!  But he got there!  Now that wasn't the only set back of that day....when we went to pick Jaden up after school, I put Drew in his seat then went back to the house to get Bryce out.  Then the van beeped.  I looked in the window and Drew was looking back at me with his big blue eyes and goofy smile as he slobbered all over my door opener and keys.  Each time he chomped on the lock button the van beeped.  Bryce of course thought this was hilarious.  I was freaking out though cuz we were going to be late to get Jaden and I had no idea how to get into our van plus who knew how long Drew would stay happy in there.  I called John, half crying , half laughing.  Luckily he knew where the spare opener was so I was able to get into the van and to kindergarten.  Only 10 mins late this time!!!  Woohoo!  

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