Friday, March 27, 2009

new low

We were hit by the stomach bug again last week, only one month after the last episode.  This one was short lived and only got Bryce followed by Jaden (though we all felt blah)  Bryce did get large ketones.  The only way to get rid of ketones is with insulin.  Luckily Bryce was done throwing up so could somewhat eat. The ketones were persistent and I needed to give him another shot however his blood sugar levels were too low.  I ended up having to feed him tablespoonfuls of honey to finally get him high enough!  It took over an hour, but he got there.  Ketones went away, so did the bug.  
The crazy thing is ever since this bug, Bryce's levels have been great!  We significantly lowered his morning dose cuz he was going low.  I was getting bs levels in the 300s after breakfast and they are now closer to 150.  (Target range is 80-200.)  Of course I am more freaked out about him going too low so we test a lot right now.  Couple days ago he was 44 at lunch (even though he was 236 only 45 mins earlier!)  Maddening for sure!  But looking at the big picture, his numbers are much better.  Thanks bug???

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