Thursday, March 5, 2009

another mom

Earlier this week, we had an appointment at the Diabetes Clinic to discuss putting Bryce on an insulin pump. While waiting for our educator, I over heard the doctor talking to another mom and it sounded as if she was just finding out her child was diabetic.  I talked to her for a few minutes though would have liked to talk to her longer.  I so remember being in her a state of shock, wondering what was going on.  How was it possible for my little baby to have diabetes?  He/she was just drinking and peeing alot....who knew that meant diabetes? What is this was going to mean for my child, for the family?  How could I give my child shots everyday and test blood sugars?  and this is forever.....I wanted to cry with her.  I still can't stop thinking about her and her 4 year old daughter who jumped and played unaware of what was going on.  I was there only a few months ago, crying as if my world had crumbled around me.  Since then, diabetes has just become a part of our life.  Some days are easier than others but overall, it is manageable. Do I ever not think about Bryce's diabetes? No...I am always checking the clock, calculating and recalculating his carbs, trying to decipher the numbers, hoping he doesn't go low but not wanting him to stay high either. I hope in the short time I was able to talk to the other mom, that I was able to convey to her that it will get better, once the shock and information overload come to an end.  There is so much support out there and people with diabetes grow up to do wonderful things, just like anyone else.  I hope to see this family again and maybe that time we will laugh together about the crazy things we and our children do because of diabetes.    

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