Sunday, February 8, 2009

Date Night

This afternoon, John took Jaden to the Blazers basketball game.  Thought it would be a good opportunity for me to do something special with Bryce, so my mom came over to watch Drew.  He was so interested in playing with his "robots" (he uses straws, legos, pipecleaners, anything he finds around to make these things) that I didn't think we would ever get out of the house.  We eventually left and just went to McDonald's so he could play on the climbing structure.  Okay, so not very interactive since I won't climb through those little tunnels but at least it was something active and fun for him.  After playing for a bit, I got him an ice cream cone as a treat (it was snack time for him and activity lowers blood sugars).  We chatted as he ate his ice cream cone and the whole time I am thinking about how many carbs it may have.  I looked online before we left and the McD's website said that a kid's cone was 8 and a "low fat vanilla" cone was like 26.  Not sure which he had since our only option was vanilla or chocolate dipped.  Anyhow, he didn't eat the actual cone (I got that...mmm) so maybe he got 12?, 20? who knows.  He then went back and ran thru the climbing structure again with some kids.  As I watched him, my thoughts were of if he was going to go low from all the activity, did he have enough carbs or was the ice cream too much and he still needed to run, and how long before I test him, etc.  Simple playtimes are no longer simple for us.  Luckily, he is a kid and just plays...I will be the one to worry and calculate carbs, etc.  My wish is for him to not miss out on the fun of childhood because of diabetes.  Even if it means having to make adjustments later to correct for an ice cream cone that we don't know the carb count for.

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